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What are the criterion to become a member of ISSPA?

Ordinary Member – A paint manufacturing firm is eligible for membership
Associate – The firm has to supply raw materials required by paint industry. One can also be an individual professional such as a paint consultant.

What are the benefits of being a member of ISSPA Member?

Ordinary Member: Our association is a collective body representing the interests of small scale paint manufacturers on different fronts such as government agencies, technical laboratories, labour law institutions and other trade institutions or organizations. We present a unified front which benefits all our members. Moreover, we organize seminars etc for dissemination of knowledge amongst all our members.

Associate: Being a part of the association the member can interact with the 1200 paints manufacture across India and network for business growth.

What are the membership fees?

Please refer to the membership form for complete details. Click Here

How is it decided which regional chapter would a company/individualbeaffiliated with?

Membership to different regional chapters of ISSPA is defined by Geographical State boundaries.

Do members get to participate in all events at the regional, state and national level?

As a member of ISSPA you become automatically eligible to participate and take advantage of the opportunities presented by ISSPA, including events at the regional, state and national level.

If we face any issues in terms of GST, Labour Law, MPCP etc who would we approach to redress them?

ISSPA is always available to guide and assist in members in any matters. One should approach the regional committee, of which you are a member, to redress the issue you are facing.

Can one be disbarred from ISSPA membership?

ISSPA By-Laws have a proviso for disbarment of members.

Can one quit ISSPA at any time?

Yes, if you wish to no longer continue your membership with ISSPA you are free to leave the organization at any time.